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May 13th  - May 19th

Weekly focus

This week, we finally get to take on the Hero workout Murph!


To start the week, athletes will put their intentional training to the test as they tackle Murph, a Hero workout in memory of Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, New York, who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. Visit the Murph Challenge site to learn more and support the Murph Foundation.


As we round out May, we will do a 2018 Regional Workout on Wednesday, and then 2015 Regional Workout 2 — Tommy V — on Saturday.

Shift gears on Sunday with the first conditioning challenge when athletes will take 20 minutes to establish max meters on a machine of their choice. Be prepared to retest this in a month!


Have fun with Murph, celebrate the wins, and remember what the workout is all about!

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