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our classes.

Whether you're a beginner, advanced or professional, you can train with us regardless of your fitness level and CrossFit experience. At the beginning, there's always a free trial lesson to try it out!

Newbie Class (all levels)

Our newbie classes make it easier for you to get started with regular training if you don't have any CrossFit experience. The classes consist of classic CrossFit elements with a warm-up, strength and technique sections, and the WOD (workout of the day) at the end. Here you will learn the most important basic exercises and CrossFit standards so that you are fit for our CrossFit classes afterwards. The newbie classes can be attended by all levels. Advanced athletes are welcome to do a strength section at the same time. The daily WOD is then completed together. CrossFit newbies must have attended at least 5 of the following newbie classes at the beginning before they can attend all classes.

The classes are always Mondays 12:00, Wednesdays 17:15, Thursdays 20:15, Fridays 15:05, Sundays 17:10.

CrossFit Indoor (Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)

Our classic CrossFit classes usually include a warm-up, a strength part and a workout of the day (WOD). These training sessions can be attended by all experienced CrossFitters, regardless of their level. Please note: CrossFit newbies must have attended at least 5 newbie classes before they can get started.

Open Gym (Intermediate/ Advanced)

Open Gym classes are not guided classes, but times when everyone who has registered can train freely according to their own training plan or work on specific weaknesses. A coach is always on site and can answer questions. Important: Dropping is not allowed in our box. Suitable for experienced CrossFitters.

CrossFit Online (all levels)

Ähnlich unserer klassischen CrossFit Klasse gibt es eine solche Trainingseinheit auch online: Nach dem Warm-Up folgt ein Workout sowie Skill- oder Strength Part. Bei den Online Classes arbeiten wir viel mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht oder kleinen Gewichten – je nachdem was Du an Equipment zu Hause hast, finden wir die perfekte Ausführungsvariante für Dich. 

Online CrossFit Core Work (all levels)

In this class you can expect a strenuous abdominal and core workout that you can do from home and without any special equipment. The class is suitable for all CrossFit levels.

Competition Classes (Intermediate/Advanced)

We love competitions! That's why whenever there is an exciting competition, such as the Fitness Bundesliga or the CrossFit Open, there is an additional competition class in which we either prepare for the respective competition or do the qualifier workouts together and judge each other. The class is suitable for everyone who wants to challenge themselves a bit.

Outdoor Training (all levels)

As the name suggests, we do CrossFit training outside in this class. There is always a bodyweight version, but if you have weights or other equipment available, please bring it with you to the outdoor training. The meeting point is always at Schwanthalerpark, right next to the Schwanthalerhöhe subway station.

Gymnastics (Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)

Do you finally want to do your first pull-up or are you working on your handstand walk? Then the Gymnastics technique class is just right for you.

Fridays for biceps (Intermediate/ Advanced)

In our Fridays for biceps class we mainly do benching, curling and swinging the kettlebell. Everything for the biceps. Suitable for experienced CrossFitters.

Endurance Class (all levels)

Our Endurance Class is about improving your endurance. This training mainly consists of the disciplines of conditioning and gymnastics. The workouts are rather long and last between 25-60 minutes. The class is suitable for all CrossFit levels.

Power Lifting (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

Most people know powerlifting as part of CrossFit: back squats, bench press and deadlifts are the three main exercises that are trained in this sport. Suitable for anyone who wants to build up these three disciplines and strength.

Olympic Lifting (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

In the Oly-Lifting weightlifting class, classic weightlifting is practiced: First and foremost, we work alternately on snatch and clean & jerk. If you want to improve your weightlifting technique, this is the right place for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.

Yoga (all levels)

Our yoga class is aimed at CrossFitters of all levels. In our yoga class you will experience the balancing elements of yoga and work on your mobility at the same time.

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